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I'm a technology lover with a focus on software development. I enjoy solving problems with algorithms, data structures and automation. I started working as a web developer more than 8 years ago, and my passion hasn't cooled down since. I need to say, JavaScript has a special place in my heart. On a daily basis, I work with NodeJS and React, to deliver amazing products. On top of that, I can't imagine a scenario, where I don't use the docker.

When I'm not doing software, I'm typically involved in some discussion about philosophy/psychology/sociology or similar. You could say I'm a debater, and you would be right!


Whenever I find something interesting, I describe it on my blog. Check it out.



The frontend part is very often an entry point. It was one for me when I started my professional career. I started small, and improved over time. The truth is, I still am. Some technologies I worked with for the frontend projects: React, SSR, Redux, Webpack, Gatsby, SASS/SCSS, REST, WebSockets, Docker just to mention a few.

If you think I could help you and your team with some frontend development, don't wait for the better occasion. It's already here:


Backend software, is probably much harder for most of the people, since there's little to no visual effect of the hard work, they needed to put to get it up and running. Yet, without any backend, the Internet wouldn't be a fraction of what it is today. This is why I started doing it. Building backend solutions with NodeJS, I learned how to store and process data (typically using MariaDB or MongoDB). It gave me a whole new perspective to what I was previously doing. Now I'm ever more eager to implement backend solutions.

Do you need a backend developer in your team? I've heard some rumors, there is one guy willing to consider your offer:

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